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Pikes Peak Hill Shine

Pikes Peak Hill Shine is the result of our delicious blended grains, untouched by an oak barrel. Sitting at 104 proof, Hill Shine releases aromas of marshmallow and citrus, while finishing with notes of corn, pepper, apricot and caramel.


PROOF: 104

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Colorado Mountain
Bourbon Whiskey

Axe and the Oak's cornerstone spirit. Our bourbon is created with a beautiful blend of local, malted grains, then aged in American White Oak barrels. The result features vanilla and butterscotch on the nose, subtle pepper notes and a lingering, caramel finish.

PROOF:  92

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Colorado Mountain
Incline Rye Whiskey

Our Incline Rye features an opposite mash build of our bourbon whiskey, while still being aged in American White Oak barrels. The Incline Rye has aromas of clove and butterscotch a rich, black pepper, caramel, and cinnamon finish.