The Owners


Jason Jackson is the head distiller of Axe and the Oak. As head distiller, Jason develops recipes and refines the liquid product. Jason has experience in sales over the last 20 years, including real estate and merchant services. Jason has been married to his wife Lisa for over 19 years. Jason and Lisa live on a 38 acre farm with their three boys; Garrett, Levi and Justin. 


Casey Ross focuses on operations and marketing. Casey is responsible for functional equipment integration and custom hardware development. He leads Axe and the Oak brand recognition and marketing development. Casey was born in Colorado Springs and loves giving back to the community. Casey is supported by his wife Mundi and son Walker.


Eric Baldini represents the company as the business and finance manager. Eric is responsible for the logistical and financial operations of the distillery. Eric is the Director of Business Operations for a small business defense contractor in Colorado Springs, and is supported by his wife, Kristen and his three kids, Jackson, Ellie, and Owen

Scott White is the communications and sales director at Axe and the Oak and has been personally associated with the other members for over ten years. Scott serves as the Vice President of Operations for a small business defense contractor in Colorado Springs. He has over 15 years of small business and associated entrepreneurial experience. Scott has been married to his wife Heidi for eleven years. They have two children, Jack and Lucy